SE 500 Series 
General Technical Support


General Technical Support is free for SE 500 McCAD users by email only.

There are several ways to get technical support. First, please take a look at our list of frequently asked questions on this web site to see whether your particular question has already been answered.

If you are unable to find an answer, you can discuss the problem with our technical support staff via email.

Also, you might visit our updates area to see if there are any new releases or updates that have recently become available.

Optional... Extended Software Support ....
Beyond the general support which is available via email to all registered users, the professional designer usually requires a more timely level of product support. Extended Software Support provides what is needed by most business users today at an extremely low cost.

Thus if you depend on the software for your daily productivity then Extended Software Support is in your best interests.

McCAD's Extended Support is cheap insurance against the inevitable. It's just pennies a day.

The Benefits of subscribing to Extended Support are enormous!

  1. Product Upgrades are FREE!
  2. SAVE MONEY by not wasting time using the wrong design approach!! Ask for advice.
  3. Get answers... You talk to people who know the answers... not just a phone bank.
  4. You have someone to talk to about design issues.*
  5. Get solutions as quickly as possible.
  6. Your issues get top priority.
  7. Make sure that your product development and improvements continue to move forward.
  8. Keeps your software tools from becoming legacies!
  9. Be eligible for special discounts, when available, on other McCAD products.
Pro-Level Support

To other Frequently Asked Questions about Extended Support

*Direct phone support is a privilege. You will be provided with what VAMP considers reasonable.

Support terms are subject to change without notice.