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Service & Technology Partners

Providers of services listed below are independant contractors. They and their employees, if any, are not agents or legal representatives of VAMP Inc. for any purpose and have no authority to act for, bind or commit VAMP Inc.

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Organizations, service providers and consultants wishing to be listed should call us directly at 1-323-466-5533.

Library Services:

PCB Libraries, Inc.
701 Lee Street
Suite 840
Des Plaines, IL 60016
Sales, Quotes & Invoices:
Sales & Demos: 858-592-4826
E-mail :
E-mail :

Design Services:

Marietta Georgia
Phone: 1-770-928-4952
Cell: 1-404-375-8355
Contact: Rubens Fiuza Lima
E-mail :  

Quick Turn Designs
Quick Turn Designs
677 S. Falcon Way
Cocolalla, ID 83813
Phone: 208-683-2441
Contact: Ray Miles  

DataBase Conversion Tools & Services

CFI Website at :


Generally Useful & Interesting Stuff

Chip Companies Offering Device Information on the Web

Device Manufacturers SPICE models

Links to SPICE Models, information, etc.

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