This What's New page contains not only corporate news and announcements but also product information for both our McCAD Windows and Macintosh products. News articles are only designated when specific to either WIN or MAC otherwise they generally apply to all.



May 2, 2008

Major Release of New Product Versions

Vamp Inc. has released several new versions of the many products it makes. These are all significant version releases. They include the following products:

    • McCAD Schematics Plus V5.2x
    • McCAD PCB-ST V3.0x
    • McCAD Gerber Translator V3.0x
    • McCAD GView V3.0x
    • McCAD Trailblazer V7.0x
    • McCAD Tracker V7.0x

All of these modules will run natively on Intel based Macs and for MS Windows users they incorporate the latest system glue for Windows Vista users. Current McCAD users are encouraged to migrate to these new releases, however their user licenses must be upgraded to use these newer releases.

Vamp has also posted an update to the Basic Schematics module as well.


Sept 1, 2007

PCB Libraries

PCB Libraries Inc. of Des Plaines, IL has announced that its libraries and services will be available for the McCAD PCB-ST layout editor starting in September 2007. They can be reached at 1-847-298-9994 or go to their web-site at for more details.

June 22, 2007

Simulation Products

3SPICE simulator updated with new compatibility builds for current OS's.

SimPlus Archive has been updated with the latest Schematics-Plus and 3SPICE simulator modules.

June 7, 2007

Macintosh Products

Final Updates for most Pre-Universal OS software has been posted. Any current user who does not plan to migrate to a newer OSX operating system should download these final updates for the older operating systems.

MS Windows Products

Windows versions have been rebuilt and synched with the Macintosh updates.

March 1, 2007

Macintosh Products

All web postings are now available as DMG archives. This archives simplify product installations and upgrades.

Aug 14, 2006

McCAD Schematics Plus

Version 5.0.16 Released .. incorporates file synchronization for non Universal OS users.

Jun 9, 2006

McCAD Schematics Plus released for
Macintosh Universal OS

Customer's requiring native compatibility with Apple's Intel based machines may now upgrade to this new version. Contact Vamp Sales about specific pricing and/or upgrade procedure details.

Other McCAD products offering native compatibility for the Universal OS will follow shortly

Feb 5, 2006

Released New Revised Web Site with Secure Online purchase

Vamp's Website has been revamped and simplified using a more intuitive flow.

Jan 7, 2006

Era of Mac OS9 support will be coming to an end...

Vamp has officially announced that it will cease supporting Mac OS9.

"Apple with its latest OSX versions has made it abundantly clear that it has shelved OS9 and wants it to die. Trying to make products auto-bootable in both OS9 and OSX has become very difficult for us to continue to support. Furthermore some of the new capabilities in upcoming releases can not be made available in OS9..."

Users still running OS9 are encouraged to move to OSX now to avoid losing any investment in their archived designs.